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Chicago Timber Lofts For Sale or Rent
Residential lofts are among the most sought-after living spaces by urban home buyers and renters, and that’s especially the case in popular Chicago neighborhoods like River North and the West Loop. Like any housing type, lofts have a wide-range of styles and unique characteristics, including one of our favorite features: timber ceilings. As you might...
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An Inside Look at 3 of Chicago’s Finest New Construction Apartment Developments In a place like Chicago, apartment options are plentiful. But if you’re specifically looking for new construction, we have a few places in mind that may just be the perfect place to begin your new home search. 
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Here’s Where You’ll Find Downtown Chicago’s Priciest Rentals Right Now Wondering where you’ll find some of downtown Chicago’s most spectacular rentals currently on the market? Take a closer look inside 3 of the Windy City’s most luxurious buildings, where some units are listed for well over $20,000 per month.
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