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Chicago Greystones For Sale

Chicago’s Best Neighborhoods for Searching Historic Greystones

 If you’re in the market for a Chicago greystone as a multi-family investment property, these highly sought-after neighborhoods are a great place to begin your search…

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known for its upscale residences, including some of the city’s most desirable and luxurious historic Greystones. Because of the neighborhood, it’s not uncommon to find homes here priced in the multi-million dollar range. While the Greystones date back generations, many have been nicely renovated over the years. 

 Lincoln Park

You can also find some great examples of historic Greystones in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Some of them still contain historic detailing too, including original fireplaces and woodwork. The neighborhood, of course, also features an impressive amount of green space for potential buyers to explore and enjoy.

Logan Square 

Another neighborhood to check out in your home search is Logan Square. This popular neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side features some beautifully preserved Greystones. Originally developed in the 1800s, Logan Square is a diverse neighborhood today that’s filled with a number of historic buildings and historic Greystones.